"A man with ambition
and love for his blessings here on earth
is ever so alive."




Executive Literature Series

Each novelette in the Executive Literature Series features a heroic business executive confronting a dramatic business problem along with personal and family challenges.

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Anthony Valdez: Bayard MEMS, Inc.

Anthony Valdez must lead his electronics firm through the challenge of a Chinese competitor.

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Carl Flores: Guyer Apparels, Inc.

Carl Flores is sent on a damage control mission after the New York Tribune publishes a hit piece on Guyer Apparels.

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James Perez: Droneware Technologies, Inc.

James Perez aims to start a tech company with his childhood friend, Luis. His wife, Grace, has a different agenda.

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Joseph Huerta: St. Elizabeth Press, LLC

Joseph Huearta decides to institute a minimum salary. But the consequences are not what he expected.

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Michael Avano: Avano Staffing, LLC

Michael Avano wants to become a priest. But when a deep recession threatens to destroy their business Michael must help his brother navigate through the crisis. Along the way he learns more than he bargained for.